ELGA at the VII Congress of the International Network on Latin American New Constitutionalism

The Seventh Annual Meeting of the International Network on the Latin American New Constitutionalism was held in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil from 26 – 29 November 2017. With the title “Harmony with Nature and well living (bien vivir) – a revolution from the South” it joined academics, representatives from indigenous peoples and social movements from Latin America, and Iberian Europe.

A very intensive program developed themes such as intercultural dialogue, the recognition of the laws of nature and Mother Earth, sustainable development in Latin America, International Law and Harmony with Nature. Maria Mercedes Sanchez, as coordinator of the UN’s Harmony with Nature program, made a speech.

Prof Cristiane Derani participated with Ms Sanchez in a debate about International Law and Harmony with Nature. Prof Derani is an expert contributor to the dialogue on Harmony with Nature on the UN’s online platform, a member of ELGA’s founding Steering Committee and co-ordinator of the network of the new Latin American constitutionalism in Santa Catarina.