Lisa Mead

LLB (Hons), University of Manchester; Post-Grad Dipl. EU Law, University of Amsterdam; Post-Grad Dipl. with Merit in Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies, UEL/CAT.

After a decade in the City of London working in commercial law and investment banking, Lisa spent a year recovering a sense of connection to the Earth and nature in Western Canada, learning first hand about low carbon living. Since returning to the UK, she has lived and worked in close connection to the Findhorn ecovillage in Moray, Scotland since 2006. 

Lisa returned to law with a more holistic perspective, and became active in the Eradicating Ecocide initiative, which led her to take on the running of the Earth Law Alliance. In 2013 she co-facilitated two workshops in Findhorn entitled Evolving Earth Law and Voices for the Earth, which brought together lawyers and environmental activists to explore whole systems approaches to resolving ecological destruction. She was the principal drafter of the text which led to the Scottish Green Party’s adoption of Rights of Nature and Ecological Governance approaches in its policies, and in 2015 she presented a new case for consideration on Depletion of Marine Life at the Third International People’s Tribunal for the Rights of Nature. She was instrumental in setting up a local citizens’ action group, Friends of Findhorn Bay in 2015, aimed at bringing an end to the destructive shooting of wild birds in the Findhorn Bay Local Nature Reserve, and in 2016 she was invited to contribute to the UN’s Harmony with Nature Interactive Dialogue on Earth Jurisprudence.

She has taught Applied Sustainability on Findhorn College’s former Human Challenge of Sustainability undergraduate semester program and has facilitated the Economic Dimension of Findhorn College’s Design for Sustainability 5-week intensive course since 2014. 

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